Some time ago, because of my wonderfully busy professional life, I made an executive decision to no longer create a newsletter.

I loved writing the newsletter over the years, and I loved the fantastic feedback from my subscribers. But it came down to, you know...

"There are only so many hours in the day"!

You may have ended up on this page because you read an invitation to sign up for my newsletter and receive a gift (a soothing meditation audio & workbook).

Those invites used to appear in articles I've written in the past, for global platforms like The Huffington PostPsychology Today, and The Muse

Or perhaps you saw me interviewed on the television news, or you read my guidebooks on some of life's trickiest challenges — where those invites were also extended.

Regardless of what brought you here, thank you for your interest. The lovely gift and the newsletter are no longer being offered. But feel free to visit my website where you can read some of my most popular articles, learn about my parenting book, and visit my shop.  

Thank you.

Dr. Suzanne Gelb, Ph.D.


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